Arcade Mining Game

This year I’ve put my job, the thing that allows me to eat and live in a house, on the back burner so that I can focus on my own game projects. I’ve already made a decent start on something big and ambitious, but I had this terrible feeling that I will surely fail if I don’t at least create one small game first. One sacrificial game that forces me to crawl through a sewage trench of unsquashable bugs and bad design, so that I come out stronger on the other end and better prepared to make a game that isn’t shit.

I haven’t got a name for the game yet, but it’s an arcade style game about mining gemeralds in an endless pit of destructable terrain. This is where it’s currently at. You can dig and dash and pick up and throw and blocks fall and bombs explode. But it’s still ugly, and buggy and isn’t fun. I don’t want to admit how long it’s taken me just to get to this point. I really didn’t consider how this is in a lot of ways more complicated and difficult to code than an adventure game.

However, it’s nice to finally be at the point where the elements I wanted are in place and it feels like it’s not too far from being a game now. I don’t know what the end plan is, I’m not gonna spend too long on making it pretty or be technically impressive, I just want it to be fun. I imagine when it’s “done” I’ll put it on Itch for free and maybe someone will play it.

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